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Black Writers On Tour is a nonprofit organization that primarily focuses on literacy. We do not exclude anyone; however, our main outreach is to African Americans, because documentation indicates that Black children lag far behind in literacy. We know that a majority of African American children attend inner-city schools. Most of those schools do not have enough books for reading enjoyment or study—What a Tragedy! Reading is the foundation of education.

America cannot be globally competitive in the future unless literacy is improved. We cannot survive with a mediocre mindset when it comes to literacy. Too many Americans are functional illiterates. The average American cannot assemble a child’s toy by following simple instructions. Welfare-to-work programs would be more effective if literacy improvement was a primary focus. Technology is excellent. I embrace technology however; Americans must be encouraged to balance their computer and TV viewing time with reading time. We must find a way to create a love for literature at an early age.

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