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"Literacy Is Everybody's Business. Who Will Tell Our Story?"

2021 BWOT Videos

Opening Ceremonies
Young Writers “We Have A Voice Too! “
Keynote Speaker—Dr. Claud Anderson with Dr. Rosie Milligan
The Business Of Black Hair—A 10 Billion Dollar Annual Industry—The Hottest Business Of The Century
Technology, Bitcoin, NFT's and STEAM Education.
Closing Ceremonies
2021 Program Booklet
Seminar Videos
Crystal Mitchell, Blogging—The New Wave For Making Big Money
Thomas ‘TJ’ Loftin, Monetizing Gentrification and Building Black Ownership—Why Now?
Monica Guillemin-Williams, JD. Trademarks
Ray Wilson, "Thriving Post Lockdown..."
Norma Hollis, Take Your Story To The Stage - Becoming A Professional Speaker and Get Paid.
Deborah Thorne “The Information Diva"
Dr. Franco Taylor, Doctor of Nutritional Medicine "What You Need To Know To Build A Healthy Immune System "
Dr. Rosie Milligan, "How to Publish Your Book"
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