CALLING ALL AUTHORS—AND BUSINESS OWNERS: Get Ready For Black Writers On Tour 2020 And Southern California Black Business + Tech Expo All Under One Roof.

Saturday, October 10, 2020. Don’t miss out, register NOW—it will be a sellout!


This is a great opportunity for authors wishing to gain exposure, attract new readers, gain new customers, make sales, and expand your bottom line—more profits via our “Virtual Platform.” Conducting business virtually is the “new way”  of doing business.


This is a great opportunity for business owners wishing to gain exposure, gain new customers, make sales, and expand your bottom line—more profits via our “Virtual Platform.” Conducting business virtually is the “new way” of doing business.


COVID-19 heightened the awareness of the need to support Black-owned businesses. You must make your presence known.


Adding technology to our conference will give you a global approach for your business—don’t stand still and let the economy pass you!



There is something for everybody!

  1. Why Technology Rocks Forum: Meet, Greet and Chat With Successful People Having STEM Plus STEAM Education.

  2. Young Writers, “Generation Z, Let Us Have A Voice Too”

  3. Strategies For Thriving In Business Versus Merely Surviving In a Depressed Economy.


Visit our web site at for exhibit registration and Seminar Topics and Schedule. All seminars are free for exhibitor. Check out our Videos of previous years@ There is something for everybody. 


Helping Black businesses THRIVE versus MERELY SURVIVE is our mission. More people would do business with you if they knew where you were and what products or services you provide. BLACK FOLKS HAVE A NEW MIND SET SINCE THE PANDEMIC. TRUST ME—THE HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL!


View Videos from previous years


A Virtual Event is Adding technology to our conference which will give you a global approach for your business—people nationwide will be able to see your product/service. don’t stand still and let technology and the economy pass you!

This is a great opportunity for authors and business owners wishing to gain exposure, attract new readers/customers, gain new customers, make sales, and expand your bottom line—more profits via our “Virtual Platform.” Conducting business virtually is the “new way” of doing business.

Here is how it works:
It is like the Zoom Platform but with more features:

1. You can place a picture of your books and or products onto your banner/stand behind you and the viewers will be able to see it.

2. You can have a Power Point Slide Presentation that shows your product/service.
3. You can have a Video that loops (Playing over and over)
4. You can have up to 5 people in your booth space, they will be seen in your booth even though they are in their own home. They can be in a different city etc. (This is high tech)
5. The participants can see you, but you cannot see them. They can hear every word that’s spoken in your booth.
6. There is a monitor in your booth that will show you when and how
many participants are watching you.

The similarity is this: In a face-to face booths event, you are standing or sitting behind your table, when a participant comes to your table, you will give them information about your product or do a sale pitch with the intent of selling a product on the spot.

During a Virtual Event, you are at home, sitting at your computer showcasing your product/services. The participants are at home on their computer and when they join the HOPIN’s sign in, they can visit the vendors booths, attend seminars, listen to stage presentations, visit the reception/networking sessions and etc.

How will you benefit from this Virtual Event when you have a

Crystal Mitchell said it best. She said, “Imagine you are the QVC host
and you are presenting a product/service, the person does not get a
physical product instantly, they will order it from your website, they
may call you for further information and etc.

1. When you are showcasing your book/services at a face-to-face event, you are presenting to local participants. When you are showcasing on a Virtual Platform, you are branding your business
and selling your books/products nationwide. You are enlarging your territory—more customers, more money.

2. When I was vendor at the Los Angeles Black Business Expo, I got ten emails that read, “Hi, we are writing to let you know that Dr…………com has registered interest in your booth. I made my
follow-ups and made appointments for two people for a Living Trust.

We will hold seminars to teach you how to be effective showcasing via A Virtual Event. Don’t wait—Participate.



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