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Black Writers On Tour and

Southern California Black Business & TECH Expo

Saturday, April 27, 2024--10:00 A.M. – 3 P.M.

Seminar Topics and Schedule




11:00–11:45  Lounge

Protecting Your Writing Rights, Trademark, and Patent Rights

Presenter:  Monica Guillemin-Williams, JD., Author, Publisher & Speaker

12:00–12:45 Lounge

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

Facilitator Sharifah Hardie, Author, Business Consultant, Talk Show Host and Serial Entrepreneur.

1:00–1:45 Lounge

How To Develop Characters That Leap Off The Page.

Presenter:  Dr. Roland Jefferson, M.D., Author, Publisher, and Speaker.


2:00–2:45 Lounge

Take Your Story To The Stage—Become A Professional Speaker and Get Paid. Presenter: Mrs. Norma T. Hollis, Communication Consultant, Author/Speaker, and Trainer.

Seminars and Keynote Speaker Schedule

ACM Room

Time/ Room                                TOPIC


9:00 –9:45 ACM

Round Table Discussion with the Authors: The Future For Black Authors and The New Way To Market Your Book Business;

Facilitator: Dr. Rosie Milligan, Talk Show Host, Author, Publisher, BWOT Founder.

11:00 – 11:45 ACM

Young Writers Essay Competition Showcase. “Our Thoughts and feelings About The Future.”

Facilitator: Dr. Andrea Anthony, Educational Specialist, and Basketball Coach, and Dr. Tamara Branch, educator, author/publisher, and trainer.


12:00 –12:45 ACM

Keynote Speaker—Dr. Claud Anderson

The Award-Winning Interview with Dr. Claud Anderson---A Must Hear!

Facilitator: TBA


1:00 – 2:00 ACM

How to Write A Book Made Simple, and Your Publishing Options

Presenters: Dr. Rosie Milligan, Author, Publisher Speaker. Trainer, Radio Talk Show Host. And Linda Coleman-Willis, Author, Speaker/Trainer, and Book Writing Coach.

General Seminars and Speaker Schedule

AB Room

11:00–11:45 AB

AI (Artificial Intelligence) What It Is and How You Can Use It for Personal, Business and Book Writing.

Presenter: TBA

12:00–12:45 AB 

Technology Rocks Forum: Meet, Greet and Chat with Successful People Having STEM

Plus, STEAM Education. Why STEM Is Critical To “Your” Economy, “Your” Future, and Generational Wealth. Learn about Careers, Vocations, and Entrepreneurship Ventures in STEM.

Facilitator: Jacquelyn Thomas, Educator,Trainer, Scientist, President of Girls Pursing Science and Co-founder of My Tech Academy.

Terrence Payne, Sr., Technology Specialist, CEO of TMM Enterprises Group, Inc

Candace Walker, A Social Impact Technologist, an APP Developer, Founder and CEO of Generation Connect, Inc.


1:00–1:45 AB

Obstacle Crusher: 5 Steps to Rapid Results to Success in Business and Your Personal Life.

Facilitator: Presenter: Ray Wilson, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Business and Life Coach.



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