24th Annual Book Fair Los Angeles at Carson Community Center

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

24th Annual Black Writers on Tour Conference (BWOTC)

The publishing industry has changed; the Internet, social media, eBooks and print-on-demand have taken the publishing industry in a completely new direction. The days for aspiring writers to have to beg, wait and rely on someone else to publish their work are forever gone. Dr. Milligan has designed the conference to provide writers and aspiring writers with the practical information they need to be successful in the literary industry. There will be authors—local and from across the country—participating. For past events, attendance rose to over 3,000.

The theme for 2020 is, “Literacy is Everybody’s Business—Literacy + Technology Changes Lives.”

Black Writers On Tour & Southern California Black Business and Tech Expo are designed to connect writers with readers, and consumers with black businesses. There will be workshops and seminars for writers/aspiring writers, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and for the general public. There will be book signings throughout the day. You will get a chance to meet and greet authors and entrepreneurs from across the country.


General Admission and Parking are FREE—There is Something for Everybody!

1. Why Technology Rocks Forum and Girls Pursuing Science with a Youth Business Pitch Competition—Win Cash!

2. Let the Children Speak Writer’s Contest Competition Showcase, Ages 10-15—Win Cash.

3. Let the Elders Speak Forum Presents: A drama skit on Keeping Youth/Teens Out of Prison: Lessons for Youth and Their Parents. Presented by Clara Hunter King, Esq. from Atlanta, Georgia, and Founder of Watch Dogs for Justice.

4. Strategies for Thriving in Business Versus Merely Surviving in A Depressed Economy.

Writers and business workshops will be held throughout the day and will cover a variety of topics, including “How To Write, Publish and Sell Your Book Made Simple,” “How to Write a Best-Selling Novel,” “Protecting Your Writing Rights, Trademark and Patent Rights,” “How to Develop Characters That Leap Off The Page,” “How to Operate a Home-Based Business,” “Tax Compliance & Recordkeeping,” and many more. There are FREE seminars for the general public. Visit for paid and free seminar/topics and schedule or call (323) 750-3592.


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