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1. Protecting Your Writing Rights, Trademark, and Patent ---- $100.00

2. How to Write a Best-Selling Novel--- $100.00

3. Recordkeeping For Tax Compliance for Your Business. ----$100.00

4. Creative Writing For The Beginners: The ABCs For New Writers.---$ 100.00

5. How to Develop Characters That Leap Off The Page. ---$100.00

6 How to Write A Book Made Simple, and Your Publishing Options. ---$150.00

7. How to Start and manage a successful publishing company. ---$100.00

8. How to choose the right Social Media platform for your business. ---$100.00



  1. What You Need To Know Before You Start A Business. ---$100.00

  2. Recordkeeping for your home-based business and Tax Compliance.--- $100.00

  3. Getting Out of Debt And Staying Out of Debt Made Simple. ---$100.00

  4. Creating A Family Budget Made That Works. ---$50.00

  5. How To Eliminate Bad Debt and Restore Your Credit Made Simple. ---$50.00

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